Below is a list of talks I have given on various occasions. Click on (download) next to some of the talks to view the slides.

From Wires to Cosmology (download)
Talk at the Perimeter Institute 2016

How did the Hot Big Bang Begin (download)
University of Texas at Arlington 2016

Populating our Universe after Inflation (download)
Colloquium at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, 2012

Ultra-relativistic Soliton Collisions (download)
Short talk for COSMO 13

Lumps and Bumps in the Early and Late Universe (download)
Axiverse Workshop at the University of Oxford, 2012

Quintessential Acceleration and its End (download)
Current and future challenges in the dark and early universe, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011

Probing Gravity on Cosmological Scales (download)
Cosmology seminar at UPenn, 2008


2016: University of Texas at Arlington
2015: Rice University, San Francisco State University
2014: Cal Poly Pomona, Wellesley College
2013: University of Texas at Dallas, University of Texas at Arlington
2012: University of Cambridge (Institute of Astronomy)
2011: Kenyon College
2009: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Invited Seminars

2016: Perimeter Institute, U of Illinois

2015: Oxford University, UT Austin, Arizona State U, Rice U, Texas A&M U, Stanford U.
2014: ICG Porstmouth (UK), U of Amsterdam, UC Davis, IAP (Paris), MIT, U of Chicago, UC San Diego, U of Cape Town
2013: U of Nottingham, Caltech, MIT, U of Capetown, AIMS Research Center
2012: Imperial College, U of Cambridge
2011: U of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, NYU, Dartmouth College, Cornell U, Stanford U, UC Berkeley, U of Sussex, ICG Portsmouth, Case Western U.
2010: ITC Harvard, CITA, Perimeter Institute, Columbia U, Princeton U, U of Penn- sylvania, Stanford U, MIT, UT Austin, Yale U
2009: MIT, CfA, U of Pennsylvania.
2007: Perimeter Institute, Princeton U, Columbia U, U of Chicago, Caltech, Stanford.


Invited Talks

– 2016: US-Japanese Kavli Symposium, National Academy of Sciences, Los Angeles

– 2014: Unsolved Problems in Astrophysics and Cosmology, Budapest
– 2013: KIPAC@10, Stanford U
– 2012: Axiverse Workshop, U of Oxford
– 2011: New Horizons in Astronomy (Bash’11), UT Austin
· Contributed Talks
– 2016: Cosmo 16, Micghigan
– 2015: (1) DPF 15, Michigan (2) Building Astronomy in Texas 15, Texas A&M U (3) PASCOS 15, ICTP Trieste
– 2014: COSMO 14, U of Chicago; Recontres de Moriond, La Thuile, Italy
– 2013: COSMO 13, U of Cambridge; KITP Primodial Cosmology Workshop, Santa Barbara
– 2012: Non-equilibrium Field Theory in Cosmology, Imperial College
– 2011: COSMO 11 Porto, Portugal; PASCOS 11, U of Cambridge, Current and future challenges in  the dark and early universe, Copenhagen
– 2010: Essential Cosmology for the next generation, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
– 2009: Bubble Collisions and Other Oddities in the Early Universe, Columbia U; New England APS meeting
– 2006: Les-Houches Summer School: Session 86, The Fabric of Spacetime, France