You can find most of my publications here: Inspire-HEP and NASA(ADS)


I want to understand how the universe first got populated with particles during the hot big bang (reheating after inflation), explore the rich nonlinear dynamics during this phase and figure out the observational consequences of this fascinating period in our universe's infancy. I occasionally delve into more astrophysical problems including CMB spectral distortions, dark matter/dark energy, gravitational waves and exoplanets. On the mathematical side, I am fascinated by solitons, their interactions  and their relevance to cosmology.

My favorite projects are often at the intersection of different fields. Most recently I am exploring a fascinating connection between the modelling of current conduction in wires and particle production in cosmology

I tend to get really excited about teaching and public outreach.


Some of my talks can be found here. Here are the slides from some recent talks:

  1. " How did the Hot Big Bang Begin ?" (2016): slides
  2. " Wires to Cosmology " (2016)  slides.
  3. " Seeing the Invisible: Dark Matter and Dark Energy" (2016): slides [public talk]


I am currently teaching a graduate course on Galaxies and Cosmology at Rice. In the recent past, I have taught Quantum Field Theory (Fall 2016).  My past experience can be found here

Academic History

Cosmology Group at Rice

Graduate Students: Kaloian Lozanov (U. of Cambridge) & Jia-Liang Shen (Rice U.)
Postdocs : Dr. Marcos Garcia (Fall 2016 - present)
Undergraduate Students: Scott Carleston & Osmond Wen